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Drinks in School

As part of our commitment to ensuring that the children of Brinsworth Howarth are healthy, only the following drinks are acceptable in school.

During Lessons

The only drink that is allowed during lessons is still, unflavoured water, brought to school in a clear water bottle. This also applies to school visits, when drinks are required other than at lunchtime.


As part of your child’s packed lunch, in addition to water, the following drinks will be acceptable as they form a healthy part of a balanced lunch:

  • Milk
  • Pure Fruit Juice (not squash)
  • Pure Fruit Smoothies (such as the ‘Innocent’ Smoothies, which contain only fruit)  

No Canned or Fizzy drinks will be allowed, only drinks containing pure fruit and nothing else – no added sugar, sweeteners, additives etc.

We also ask that no chocolate bars or sweets are included in your child's lunch box.

We are grateful for your support in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. M. Crawford