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New attendance arrangements for school

The government has a legislation in place for attendance which is more rigorous than the previous legislations.  This means that the school “may not allow any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances”.  Most requests for approval of leave of absence during term time, then, will not be authorised – this would include cheaper term-time holidays.

The local authority are expected to impose fines on the parents of children with poor attendance if they take holidays in term time. This is in operation here at Brinsworth Howarth.  A Rotherham-wide policy is in place, and is what we are guided by. The definition of ‘exceptional circumstances’ will be defined in this policy.

If you have already submitted a leave of absence form this year, we will not be authorising absence because of this ruling.  In this, we’re taking the same action as other Rotherham schools.

In order to ensure the best attendance for all our children this year, if your child’s attendance over time is a particular concern, we will be contacting you to help improve attendance in the next half-term.  Those children whose attendance was ‘of concern’ last year will have their attendance monitored more closely this half term.  In this way, we hope to ensure that all our children are in school and learning for the maximum amount of time.  We will also continue to present certificates to congratulate the attendance achievements and efforts of children with 100% attendance.

We hope that you recognise these arrangements as positive steps to ensure every child receives their full entitlement to education.

Your sincerely,

Mrs M Crawford


File icon: pdf DfE Letter Regarding Holidays Dec 2013 [pdf 318KB] Click to download
File icon: doc Leave Of Absence Request Form [doc 654KB] Click to download