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We love reading!

Reading is essential to attainment and success across all subjects. At Brinsworth Howarth Primary School we are committed to enabling every pupil to develop into fluent, confident readers in order to be ready for the next stage in learning. We strongly believe that reading is key to learning and fundamental to success in the future.


Reading feeds pupils’ imaginations and opens up a treasure house of wonder and joy for curious young minds. It is our aim that by the end of their primary education, all pupils at Brinsworth Howarth are able to read fluently, and with confidence in any subject.


To see some of the most popular books for children in 2017 open the document below from the Book Trust.

File icon: pdf great-books-guide-2017 [pdf 13MB] Click to download

Book finder

Have you ever wanted to get your child an amazing book but don't know which one to get? Does your child have a particular interest and want a book to feed it?

Using the book finder from the book trust you are guaranteed to find the perfect book for your child. Use the simple search tools to pick a book that is suitable for their age and interest.




Our wonderful reading areas

In September 2017 we were very lucky to receive a sum of money in order to create fabulous and long lasting reading areas in each class. Each class teacher used their own creativity and support from volunteers to bring reading to life in their classrooms. Some of the funding was used to purchase high quality texts for use in class and to read at home. A huge thanks must go to Mrs Morris for making this happen.

Supporting your child with their reading

Family involvement is an important part of our reading ethos. We know that children who are supported with their reading at home are more likely to enjoy reading and often achieve highly at school. We want the reading culture that is developed at Brinsworth Howarth to reach the homes of our pupils.

You can support your child's reading by doing the following:

  • Hear them read at home and talk to them about what they have read.
  • Ask them questions to see how well they understand it.
  • Read more complex texts to them so that they hear a richer vocabulary.
  • Explain the meanings of words to them that they are unfamiliar with

Julia Donaldson, the famous children's author, has some wonderful top tips for parents and carers and can be found here

Please feel free to download the parent support booklets for extra advice on supporting your child with reading.

Once Upon a Picture

Pictures and images are such a valuable tool in developing children's creative thinking. They are immediate and stimulate the imagination. Images and questions can be used to prompt discussion and increase children's vocabulary. Try using some of the images to develop your child's thinking and inference skills.

Words for life

This website is fabulous for supporting you with your children. It will signpost you to great books and top tips to support your child in their reading.  There are lots of games and fun activities to keep you and your child busy! Just click on the link below.