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Come on a journey into space!

During Spring1 Class 2 will be going space mad! They will look at two stories. One of the stories is an animation called 'The way home' based on a story by Oliver Jeffers and the other is a text called 'Man on the Moon (A day in the life of Bob). What an exciting and creative term this will be!

What a wonderful start to the topic!

The children in class 2 kicked off the topic about space by watching an animation based on the stoy 'on the ay back home'. The animation provided a rich stimulus for discussion about space and led lots of our learning. We used the animation to develop our sequencing skills in writing and gave all children the opportuntiy to write their own retell of the story.  

You can view the animation here


Bob the Spaceman!

The second half of this topic focussed on the story 'Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob). This beautiful text engaged the children on many levels and was a central stimulus for writing, coding and some science.


The children wrote interesting character descriptions about Bob and also their own aliens. Using their developing coding skills the children created small games with a space theme. They planned what they wanted to do before creating it in the computer suite.

Our wonderful topic display!

Some of our work has created a class display. We are very, very proud of our work.