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Stay and Learn- Reading

In Autumn 1 a parental workshop was held to give an overview of the expecttions in reading within year 2. More workshops will be held during the year about reading and how best to further support your child.

Try these websites for extra support in reading:

Juia Donaldson's top tips for reading

Phonics Play

Below are also links to videos that show what reading at the expected standard sounds like. They can be very useful to listen to.


Stay and Learn- Spelling

In Autumn 1 a parental workshop was held to out line the importance of spelling within writing in year 2. The parents were shown various websites and games that can be used to support the learning of spelling and how to support meeting the demands of the national curriculum. During the year there will be more opportunities to attend more workshops about spelling and other areas of the writing curriculum.

Try these websites to support spelling at home:

Phonics play

Spelling play

Stay and Learn- Maths

In Autumn 2 a parental workshop was held to outline the expectations of the year 2 curriculum. We looked at various games, problems and activities around number and place value. Later on in the year there will be workshops that will have a different focus.  The parents were shown how we teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These sessions were a huge success.

National Numeracy family maths toolkit- provides lots of top tips, activities and guidance

Remember, if you have any questions about your child's maths, please ask the adult in the classroom and they will be more than happy to help.