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Ofsted Inspection 13th July 2016


Dear Parents/Carers and Children,

I am very pleased to inform you of our Ofsted Report on the school’s performance following our recent inspection.  We are proud of our school and very pleased that the Ofsted Inspection recognised the school’s many strengths.

The Inspection is based on our own self-evaluation, the school’s results over the past three years and the evidence that the inspectors gathered during their two days in the school.

The school was judged as “good” overall and the inspection showed that we are very effective in meeting our pupil’s needs.

Areas of strength within the school include, ‘pupils make good progress from their starting points. This means that a high proportion of pupils reach the expected standards in reading, writing and mathematics, with maths being a strength through school. Pupils from different groups, including disadvantaged pupils and those with special educational needs make equally good progress. Pupils conduct is good and they have positive attitudes to learning. The personal and welfare development of pupils is good. Pupils feel safe and feel well cared for at school. The early year’s provision is strong, with children making good progress from their starting points.’

The two aspects identified by the inspection team that need further work to secure “outstanding” overall are those areas we have also identified and already started to address through our school development plan.  One aspect for further work is to give pupils the chance to extend and deepen their understanding and reinforce the key skills. We need to make sure that there is appropriate challenge, so that pupils can reach the highest possible standards in reading, writing and mathematics.

I want to thank all the parents and carers who have provided feedback, both through the Parent View Survey during the Inspection and also through the Annual Parents’ Survey.  The views you express are very valuable in helping us to know what we are doing well and where we need to improve.  I also want to thank the children, parents, governors and staff who made sure that their pride in our school was very much in evidence during the inspection.

Please do read the full report; a copy will be placed on the school’s website or you can download a copy from  The report describes the many strengths of the school in detail and highlights those areas where we are already making improvements. 

Thank you for your continuing support for the school.  I will continue to ensure that we are doing our best for every child.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Crawford

File icon: pdf Ofsted Report for Brinsworth Howarth 2016 [pdf 200KB] Click to download