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Dinner Money & Menus

If your child has school dinners, we hope these menus which are below will help you decide with your child, what they should order.  The children are asked each morning by their teacher whether they want to choose the RED, GREEN or YELLOW band dinner as shown on the menu.  With your help they will get their preferred choice.

Please DO NOT return these menus to school, they are for your reference.

Please Note:

The Dinner Money collection goes onto a computer system.  Therefore, please send the correct amount for your child’s dinners as no change will be given, it will be carried forward as a credit.

1 Day   =   £2.05

2 Days  =  £4.10

3 Days  =  £6.15

4 Days  =  £8.20

5 Days  =  £10.25

Just a reminder, dinner money must be sent to school on the first day of the week in the plastic wallet provided.  (New wallets are available at a cost of 50p each from the school office.)  The slips given out each week are to be completed by yourself, ticking which days are required for lunch and circling the amount of money enclosed.